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Greyhound Lubricants™ is an independent and fully imported lubricant brand that is manufactured at ISO certified plants in Europe, meeting the highest API and ACEA standards and OEM’s requirements

Greyhound Lubricants™ product range offers a wide range of industrial, commercial and automotive lubricating products and cleaners for Africa.

Reasons to switch to Greyhound Lubricants

In Southern Africa Greyhound Lubricants™ is represented by Industrial Trading Portal (Pty) Ltd and Matshelo Logistics (Pty) Ltd, who have formed a strategic alliance to offer an individualized lubrication solution to their customers, encompassing high-quality product, good price, prompt product delivery, technical expertise and advice, favourable credit terms and the exceptional procurement score.

“Excellence with Urgency” is Greyhound Lubricants drive in delivering lubricant solutions to your business.

Greyhound Lubricants Warehouse

Affordable Quality and OEMs

The company provides South African customers with premium-class lubricants with OEM approvals (API, Volvo, MB, Man, VW, Cummins and many more) at an affordable price. More and more mining house, engineering shops, distributors and retail chains enjoy benefits of Greyhound Lubricants products.

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Through Greyhound International partners we manufacture and supply the products such as Base Oils, Additives Automotive and Industrial Products.


Greyhound Lubricants always invested in the production of high-performance lubricants for all types of engines starting from basic monograde blends to fully synthetic oils to suit all customers’ needs.


Greyhound Lubricants Industrial Range is used in a vast variety of equipment and commercial applications.

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We take the same innovative approach to the environment and continuously finding creative ways to decrease the negative impact on our environment.

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