Greyhound G-MOTO GEAR LS 80W-90 GL-5 5L


Mineral Technology Gear Oil

Application: Limited slip differentials, manual transmissions, axles and transfer boxes in passenger, commercial and construction vehicles.

Greyhound™ G-Moto Gear Oil LS (Limited-Slip) SAE 80W90 GL-5 is an EP (Extreme Pressure) gear oil formulated with an extra high-performance additive system for limited-slip differentials. It can also be used in conventional gear-boxes and steering-boxes on cars and trucks, and in gear-boxes, final drives and power take-offs on the farm and earth-moving machinery requiring API GL-5. It can thus be used for lubricating all gears and all material types.

Greyhound™ LS 80W90 GL-5 is a high performance, multipurpose, thermally stable, extreme pressure automotive hypoid gear oil formulated to exceed the severe API GL-5 performance standard. Greyhound™ Moto Gear Oil is a modern product that is particularly suited to the most rigorous service conditions found in automotive mechanical transmission (light and heavy-duty vehicles), agricultural machinery and civil engineering and handling equipment.

Specifications: API GL-5 LS, Viscosity Grade SAE 80-90, ZF TE-ML 05C, 12C, 16E, 21C; MIL-L-2105D; Ford M2C 104-A.


  • G-Moto Gear contains Superior extreme-pressure, anti-wear, anti-scuffing properties and antifoaming quality that maintain a high level of efficiency in gears operating under heavy loads and subjected to repeated shocks;
  • G-Moto Gear has outstanding anti-wear properties, which reduces wear of gear teeth and bearings;
  • G-Moto Gear provides excellent oxidation stability prevents any deterioration even when in contact with components operating at high temperatures;
  • G-Moto Gear compatibility with the most seals that can be found in transmission units.
  • G-Moto Gear contains anti-rust additives which protect components from rust, while anti-foam qualities prevent excessive formation of air bubbles which could compromise the lubrication properties of the oil.
  • G-Moto Gear ensures smooth-shifting in manual transmissions by controlling glazing and coking of friction surfaces in synchronizing mechanisms.
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