Greyhound G-Ride Aqua 2T TC-W3 5 L


Synthetic Technology 2-Stroke Outboard motors

Application2-Stroke Outboard motors

 Greyhound™ G-Ride Aqua SAE 20 2T TC-W3, is low ash, semi-synthetic oil for the lubrication of modern 2-stroke boat motors (including overhead) with water cooling (boats, motorboats, jet skis, jet skis), as well as engines of snowmobiles, motorcycles, chainsaws and other portable equipment with a variety of oil supply methods (by adding gasoline or by injection through the nozzle). The recommended ratio of the fuel mixture is 1:50 (oil: gasoline).

Specifications: АРI SAE 20; TC-W3


  • Designed for protection against rust, wear and corrosion, and cylinder wall scuffing under
  • High-speed engine operating conditions
  • Optimal protection against spark plug fouling and surface ignition, exhaust port plugging, ring sticking and varnish formation.
  • Formulated to resist low-temperature gel formation, optimising engine performance.
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