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Greyhound Lubricants is an independent lubricant brand, which offers a wide range of oil and lubricating products for Africa. Greyhound Lubricants is able to provide clients with the best quality lubricants at an affordable price. Our products are manufactured in Europe at ISO certified plant and meet the highest international standards. The products’ quality is strictly checked by independent internationally recognised labs. Our products offer the best quality lubricants at an affordable price.


Greyhound Lubricants always invested in the production of high-performance lubricants for all types of engines starting from basic monograde blends to fully synthetic oils to suit all customers’ needs. Furthermore, we cover all the other products to cover all other parts of your vehicle such as transmission oils, brake fluids and many other products to make it one-stop-shop.


We supply oil from most basic petrol engines to the most advanced sports cars, from powerful diesel trucks to agricultural tractors, from electrical energy generation turbines to the giant engines commercial engines; for each application, there is always a Greyhound product able to ensure high performance, great service and the best price to make your business go further.


The lubricants in the Greyhound range are made up of products that have been specially formulated to meet the various lubricating needs of all kinds of vehicles produced by manufacturers. Greyhound’s formulations are undergoing continuous updates in order to guarantee products that are in line with the technological advancement of the industry.

Greyhound G-BASE: Monograde range is formulated with premium base oils and modern additives to provide outstanding protection to your engine against wear, corrosion, oil oxidation and sludge.


Greyhound G-POWER: Multi-grade range provides additional protection against wear at start-up and under high temperature operating conditions.


Greyhound G-PREMIUM: Synthetic technology-enhanced range provides the stronger protection over multi-grade oil range, which helps to minimizes wear on cold start-ups, ensures a long life for all moving parts, substantially reducing the need for engine servicing and overhaul.


GreyhoundG-PRO: Fully synthetic range provides the strongest protection, which minimizes wear on cold start-ups, ensures a long life for all moving parts, substantially reducing the need for engine servicing and overhaul.


Greyhound Engine oil series are further divided into 3 sub-series:

  • Standard: most common oil specifications.
  • Plus:  is the higher oil specification which is rated above the “Standard” series
  • GOLD: Mineral and synthetic range that received OEM approvals with the highest European quality in the Greyhound oil range. We obtained the following approvals: Volvo, VW, Cummins, MB and API certification.


Transmissions play a key role to use power generated by the engine. Greyhound™ only supplies the transmission oils by applying the latest technologies to make sure it operates more difficult conditions in terms of temperature and load on the gears.

Our range is formulated from highly refined premium mineral oils and cutting-edge additives to provide excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures as well as excellent low-temperature characteristics. Thus providing an excellent protection under a wide range of extreme conditions.

Greyhound™ MOTO GEAR & ATF’s range ensures consistent, smooth shifts in all driving conditions. Superior protection against wear and ensures transmission operates at its optimal levels and helps to extend transmission life. Greyhound™ TO-4 oil series are specifically formulated oils designed to meet and exceed Caterpillar’s latest Transmission and Drive Train lubrication requirements.

Manual Gearboxes:

  • Moto Gear EP 90 GL-4
  • Moto Gear EP 90 GL-5
  • Moto Gear 80W90 GL-4
  • Moto Gear 80W90 GL-5
  • Moto Gear 85W140 GL-5
  • Moto Gear 75W90 GL-4

Automatic Transmissions:

  • Trans ATF IID
  • Trans ATF III

Caterpillar Transmissions:

  • CAT-Trans  TO-4 SAE 10W
  • CAT-Trans  TO-4 SAE 30
  • CAT-Trans  TO-4 SAE 40
  • CAT-Trans  TO-4 SAE 60

Greyhound™ Brake Fluid designed for use in heavy-duty drums, disc brake systems and in clutch control systems. It is specifically suitable for those cases where the brake system is subject to very severe operating conditions such as, for instance, in commercial and heavy-duty vehicles, cars pulling caravans, etc.

Its high boiling point, Greyhound™ Brake Fluid can be used with absolute confidence, even when brakes are subject to, particularly high temperatures since there is no likelihood of braking deterioration.

  • Coming Soon

Greyhound™ Anti-Freeze is a biodegradable coolant based on ethylene glycol and its formulation does not involve any presence of amines, phosphates and nitrites (NAP free). We offer two products: premixed (RTU)  and concentrate which can be mixed to dilution preference of your choice. It is suitable for use in the radiator systems of almost all types of cars and motorcycles.

  •  Greyhound Anti-Freeze Pre-Mix (50/50)
  •  Greyhound Anti-Freeze Concentrate

Greyhound™ G-Clean™ range is a water-based detergent with an advanced formulation to lift and clean severe dirt. Our products are non-volatile, non-flammable, non-corrosive and don’t contain solvents. G-Clean™: HDC, Bio-HDC and GPD are effectively replacing chemical solvents and thus eliminates the problems arising from their use.

  • G-Clean HDC (Heavy Duty Cleaner)
  • G-Clean Bio-HDC (Biodegradable Heavy Duty Cleaner)
  • G-Clean GPD (General Purpose Degreaser)
  • G-Clean, Rags Grade A, Multicolour, 5kg

Greyhound™ greases are used for lubricating and protecting mechanical machinery as an alternative where liquid lubricants cannot be applied, especially with space or dripping constraints of oil. The product is often used in the manufacturing industry, the automotive industry is used to lubricate a component to decrease friction and prolong the life of moving components like bearings, suspensions parts and any other areas.


Choosing the correct product is highly complex and is best taken with the help of expert technical advice since there are many factors that can influence the way products function and effect machinery lubricated with grease. Greyhound™ offers a wide range of products that can satisfy the needs of both the industrial and automotive sectors. All our greases are manufactured in Europe at ISO certified plants and meet the highest international standards.


  • Greyhound Grease Li EP000 (Multi-purpose/centralised systems)
  • Greyhound Grease Li EP00 (Multi-purpose/centralised systems)
  • Greyhound Grease Li EP0 (Multi-purpose/centralised systems)
  • Greyhound Grease Li EP1 (Multi-purpose/centralised systems)
  • Greyhound Grease Li EP2 (Multi-purpose)
  • Greyhound Grease Li EP3 (Multi-purpose)
  • Greyhound Grease Li-M2 EP2 (CV Joints)
  • Greyhound Grease Li-CX EP2 (Wheel Bearings)
  • Greyhound Grease Li-CX 220 Synthetic EP2 (Wheel Bearings)
  • Greyhound Grease Li-GR EP2 (Ring Gear / External use / Marine)
  • Greyhound Grease CS-CX 300 EP1 (Boom/Cranes/External use / Marine / Centralised systems)
  • Greyhound Grease CS-CX 300 EP2 (Boom/Cranes/ External use / Marine)
  • Greyhound Grease Therm 300 EP1/EP2 (High Temp up to 300°C)
  • Greyhound Grease Therm 400 Synthetic EP1/EP2 (High Temp up to 400°C)
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