Advice section, is here to help you.

Advice section, is here to help you.

Advice section, is here to help you.

Advice section

ou’ll discover in our new section useful and practical advice about lubricants, with basic explanations to help you to deepen your knowledge and become real experts! Enjoy!

We started the company by trading base oils from our European partners to the major international oil producers in South Africa. We only picked the highest grade of oils to satisfy our client’s specific quality and price needs. This helped us to create our reputation of a quality base oils and a no shortcuts approach.

This made us think that often local producers went through a chain of various stakeholders, which all wanted a piece of the profit thus made the products either an inferior quality or exponentially more expensive than it should be.

We are trying to minimise an amount of intermediaries in the process to keep our quality to the highest European formulations, while shifting a cost benefit to our valued customers.

Greyhound Lubricants has created the range with enhanced additive packages to suit the unique conditions vehicles face in South Africa and Africa.

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