Greyhound G-Moto Anti-Freeze Concentrate 80/20 0.5L


Universal Anti-Freeze Concentrate 80/20

Application: Anti-Freeze: passenger cars, SUVs, light commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

Greyhound™ Blue Anti-Freeze concentrate is a high-quality product containing anti-corrosion additives. It reduces the freezing point of the cooling water and increases the boiling point. The anti-corrosion additives give protection to Aluminium, copper, cast iron and other metals used in cooling systems.

Greyhound™ anti-freeze is suitable for use in almost all types of motor vehicle and motorcycle cooling circuits. The product has been formulated using pure (80%) premium MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol) and coolant package additives.

  • 1 litre of G-MOTO™: Anti-freeze to 1-litre water – Protection to minus 34 deg C
  • 1 litre of G-MOTO™: Anti-freeze to 2-litres water – Protection to minus 15 deg C

Specifications: ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, SAE J 1034, BS 6480 (1992), AFNOR NF R15-601 and TSE 3582.


  • Protect against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent lubrication of the water pump
  • Improved efficiency
  • Recommended for both diesel and petrol engines
  • Raises the boiling point.
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