Greyhound Grease Li-CX 220 EP2 (Blue) 17KG


Synthetic Lithium Complex

Application: Wheel bearings and multi-purpose applications

Greyhound™ Lithium Complex (Li-CX) Synthetic 220 EP2 grease is a high-performance grease designed for a wide variety of applications at extreme temperatures. Greyhound™ Li-CX is a non-melting grease formulated with synthetic base fluid with a premium lithium complex thickener. It is designed for the lubrication of heavy-duty automotive and industrial applications. Li-CX grease has a high level of chemical stability and is formulated with special additives to provide exceptional protection for Extreme Pressure (EP) applications, wear, rust and corrosion at high and low temperatures.

Greyhound™ Li-CX 220 Synthetic grease can be used in both automotive and industrial applications ranging from multi-purpose to a very specific application. The grease ensures the lubrication of components, working under very heavy or shock load, like bearings, slide-bearings, axles and joints. It can be used for the lubrication of electromotors or ventilators. Temperature range: -45°C to +190°C (+220°C – a short period of time).

The wax-free nature of synthetic base oil and superior coefficient of traction in comparison to mineral oil-based grease provides excellent low-temperature pumpability and very low starting and running rotational force. Specially formulated Greyhound™ Li-CX thickener provides excellent adhesion, structural stability and water resistance.

Specifications: NLGI 2, DIN 51502: GPHC 2K-30


  • The wax-free nature of synthetic base provides a lower coefficient of traction than mineral grease
  • It forms a durable protective layer, resulting in a reduction of maintenance and downtime costs.
  • Excellent mechanical stability in the presence of water
  • Very low starting and running torque
  • Excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion.
  • Outstanding high and low-temperature performance.
  • Greyhound™ Li-CX 220 Synthetic grease does not contain lead, or other heavy metals considered harmful to human health and the environment.
  • Wheel and industrial bearings applications in wet and shock loading environments operating in extreme-pressure applications.
  • Low volatility.
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