Greyhound Grease Therm-400 EP1/2 500g


Synthetic Clay Based

Application: Multi-purpose, outdoor gear, conveyor belts, marine application

Greyhound™ Therm-400 Synthetic EP1/2 is a synthetic grease with special additives is intended for a wide range of temperatures, which can withstand the temperature of 400°С. At its maximum operating temperature, the grease does not soften and does not cause leakage of the lubricant at high temperatures, which could disrupt the normal lubrication process. The grease is synthetic based, solidified with inorganic thickener, contains extreme pressure (EP), anti-wear and anti-friction additives.

Therm-400 is a pure non-toxic lubricant. It has high loading capabilities as well as water washout resistance. The grease is a homogeneous ointment, varying from yellow to brown colour and has a smooth-textured composition.

Greyhound™ Therm-400 Synthetic EP1/2 grease can be used in both automotive and industrial applications ranging from multi-purpose to very specific applications. The grease ensures the lubrication of components, working under very high temperature, very heavy or shock loads, like bearings, slide bearings, axles and joints. The grease can be also used on parts (exposed to high temperature, that is installed in equipment (circulation fans on BN-type gas furnaces, transporter mechanisms and kiln tunnels). Temperature range: -40°C to +400°C.

Specifications: NLGI 2, DIN 51502: KH2R-20


  • The Multi-Purpose character of the grease may replace a wide range of greases, allowing to decrease the number of stock items, achieve economies of scale and simplification of maintenance.
  • It forms a durable protective layer, resulting in a reduction of maintenance and downtime costs.
  • Excellent mechanical stability avoiding ejection or loss of consistency during operation.
  • Greyhound™ Therm-400 Synthetic EP1/2 grease has good lubricity and reduces wear out of bearings.
  • Has low volatility and high mechanical stability.
  • Good thermal stability, leading to high resistance to temperature variations.
  • Greyhound™ Therm-400 Synthetic EP1/2 grease does not contain lead, or other heavy metals considered harmful to human health and the environment.
  • Wheel and industrial bearings applications in wet and shock loading environments operating in extreme-pressure applications.
  • Low friction coefficient.
  • 4–ball test, welding load DIN 51350/4, N, Min 3000
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