Greyhound Lubricants Values


We have been confronted again and again with the message that the oil industry must evolve and become more innovative. Therefore we established basic value criteria to guide Greyhound Lubricants in the right direction. In order to best serve our customers and remain true to our employees, we stand by our value system!

Environment: We take the same innovative approach to the environment and continuously finding creative ways to decrease the negative impact on our environment.

Collaboration: To spur innovation, our company is taking a serious look at collaboration. A great product is not going to happen in isolation, we believe that It is necessary to engage in collaborative arrangements with suppliers, customers and partner companies. Our manufacturing department will work with customers for customized product development and with suppliers for product design.

Quality: Quality is best measured with a view outward to the customer, inward to employees, and cross-functionally within the organization. This value denotes our commitment to excellence and superior outcomes and is reflected in our products, services, employees, and business practices.

Developing Talent and Innovation drive: While Greyhound Lubricants is working on implementing a culture of innovation, it is also vital to focus on the development of talent and skills to give employees the ability to innovate and be able to communicate freely on their ideas, as a feedback loop the last part of any business process and initiate of evolution for the future business processes.

Continuous Improvement: Continuous Improvement is a Japanese concept that is well known and applied by many businesses. The main focus of this belief is a reduction in operating costs, improved processes and working within a permanent environment of improvement. This involves operational excellence, alignment of management systems and the wise application of improvement techniques.

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