Greyhound G-Met Biocut Range

Greyhound Lubricants Oil

Application: Universal metallurgical application.


Greyhound™ G-Met BioCut S fluid is a high quality, semi-synthetic soluble cutting oil manufactured from a mixture of special base oils and emulsifying agents to produce a fluid with maximum cooling ability, excellent lubricity and anti-weld properties, very stable emulsifying agents to provide good resistance to bacterial growth.


Greyhound™ G-Met BioCut S is used for a wide range of carbon steel machining operations. Suitable for light machining such as drilling, planning, milling in soft in normal water conditions, it can also be used for grinding where a clean emulsion is required to rapidly settle out the grinding metal flumes. The fluid is specially designed to minimize the environmental impact and offer longer life. The product doesn’t contain borates, amines and biocides.


NOTE: BioCut S must be mixed correctly in order to form a stable emulsion. It must be added to water whilst stirring. The strength of the emulsion may vary, the recommended concentration of coolant: For grinding operations 3-5%, for basic machining operations 4-6% and for heavy machining operations 5-10%.


Always add oil to water and never the other way. Never add the product directly to the sump, add in the emulsion form. Always clean the sump thoroughly before a fresh charge.


Specifications: Semi-synthetic water-miscible cutting fluid.



  • Excellent emulsion stability;
  • Environmentally friendly product. It does not contain chlorine compounds and synthetic biodegradable substances;
  • High lubrication properties;
  • Excellent antiwear and antioxidant characteristics;
  • Increased resistance to bio-affection (antimicrobial properties);
  • Eliminates carbonization.
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