Greyhound Chainsaw Oil

Greyhound Lubricants Oil

Greyhound™ ChainSaw oil is specially formulated to provide excellent lubrication for the chain and bar on industrial and residential use chainsaws. ChainSaw oil helps to extend bar and chain life by providing a tacky stay-in-place film of oil that lubricates, cleans and cools the moving parts.


Greyhound™ ChainSaw oil can also be used in industrial applications where tacky anti-wear oil is preferred. This includes chain drives and plain bearings.


Greyhound™ Chainsaw Oil can be used in hand-held or machine operated chain saws as specified by the manufacturer. It is suitable for lubrication of chains, slideways and guides in industrial applications, where a lubricant with good adherence, protection against wear, rust and corrosion and a low pour point is required.


Greyhound™ ChainSaw oil series of lubricants are not designed as chain saw engine lubricants. Their use in an engine could lead to serious wear and catastrophic engine failures.





  • High film strength.
  • Reduced wear allows for operation in extremes of high or low temperatures.
  • Reduced friction which helps to maintain operating speed.
  • Improved protection against wear caused by poor lubrication.
  • Adhere to the metal surfaces and resist blow-off.
  • Contribution toward increased chain and guide bar life and reduced maintenance costs as wear-related failures are reduced.
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Available Packaging: 1000L, 210L, 20L, 4x5L, 15x1L, 20x500ml
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