Greyhound Rock Drill Oil Range

Application: Rock Drills


Greyhound™ Rock Drill Oil 320 is a special high quality paraffinic based percussion air tool lubricant. This product was formulated with special EP and ANTI-RUST additives to protect equipment operating in very harsh environments.


Greyhound™ Rock Drill Oil 320 is designed for use in precision air tools such as rock drills, jackhammers, jack picks and rammers as well as centralised lubrication for larger crawler-mounted drill rigs, etc., of all makes. They are also widely used as chain, wire rope and way lubricants and in some rotary air tools.


Specifications: ISO VG: 320, ISO 6743: G



  • High film strength.
  • Reduced wear allowing for operation in extremes of high or low temperatures.
  • Reduced friction which helps to maintain operating speed.
  • Ability to absorb excess water and form an emulsion when moist air is present in the system.
  • Improved protection against wear caused by poor lubrication.
  • Adhere to the metal surfaces and resist blow-off.
  • Provides an effective seal between piston and cylinder to maintain maximum percussion efficiency.
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Industrial and Commercial
Available Packaging: 1000L, 210L, 20L, 4x5L, 15x1L, 20x500ml
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