Greyhound Heat Tranfer Oil Range

Greyhound Lubricants Oil

Application: Filling of heat transfer units


Greyhound™ Heat Transfer ISO 32  is a mineral oil-based heat transfer oil having high viscosity index and narrow boiling point range. The allowed maximum film temperature at the heat transfer surface is 320°C, and in the system it is 300°C.


The service life of the heat transfer medium depends greatly on the design of the heat transfer system and the operating conditions. The service life could be up to 5 years if the system is designed properly, and when it is protected from extreme load conditions. The service life could be extended significantly if low pressure (1.2-1.5 bar gauge pressure) inert gas atmosphere (nitrogen) is used in an expansion tank. For safety and economic reasons, it is recommended to check the condition of the oil regularly, but once a year at least. Handling HT 32 is safer than when handling most other synthetic oils, as it is not toxic and has a low vapour pressure. It can be collected as used oil after its application, for recycling or disposal.


Our products are manufactured in Europe at ISO certified plants and meets the highest international standards.



  • Excellent heat transfer properties enable the efficient transfer of heat
  • Resist deposit formation
  • Excellent thermal stability and good oxidation resistance
  • Long oil service life
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Available Packaging: 1000L, 210L, 20L, 4x5L, 15x1L, 20x500ml
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