Oil Comparison Tool

The Greyhound Lubricants Oil Comparison Tool you can use to review products offered by non-Greyhound Lubricants Brands and find the best substitute in the Greyhound oil range. All product applications, descriptions, comparisons and technical data described in the Oil Comparison Tool are based on publicly available information, including specifications, viscosity, and base oil, available at the time of publication. Greyhound Lubricants updates the Oil Comparison Tool from time to time when new information becomes publicly available.

While every precaution has been taken in the compilation of information in the guide, subject to applicable laws, the Greyhound oil comparison tool and the company take no responsibility for any inaccuracies in it. The Oil Comparison Tool (Guide) is a general indication only and is not intended to provide any specific advice for your circumstances.

Before purchasing a Greyhound Lubricants product, you should always seek advice from the Greyhound Lubricants team to make sure that the product selected through the Oil Comparison Tool is suitable for your purposes. This is particularly important because manufacturers regularly change products or the composition of those products or their component suppliers, without notice, and Greyhound Lubricants can provide you with the most up-to-date information. You should always refer to your manufacturer’s manual for the correct product recommendation.

Subject to any applicable law, Greyhound Lubricants takes no responsibility for using this Oil Comparison Tool incorrectly. The “Non-Greyhound Oil Brands” referred to in the Oil Comparison Tool are not Greyhound Lubricants’ trademarks. Greyhound Oil’s products do not originate from, nor are they endorsed by or associated or affiliated with, or have the sponsorship or approval of, the “Non-Greyhound Lubricants Brand”, the brand’s owners or the “Non-Greyhound Oil Brand” products referred to in the oil comparison tool. ITP oil comparison tool

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