Greyhound Open Gear Paste and Grease Range

Greyhound Lubricants Oil

Application: Open gears, chains, cables, 5th wheel, leaf springs


Greyhound™ Open Gear Paste SLP M2-GR is a premium lubricating paste made from a unique blend of oils and additives containing molybdenum and graphite to deliver maximum wear protection for your equipment.


It is a heavy-duty compound specially prepared to penetrate pores of the metal, with exceptional adhesion characteristics. It provides maximum lubrication and shock-load protection, reduces gear noise, lubricates, prevents scoring and welding of gear teeth. Its black colour guides proper coverage, allowing easier maintenance. SLP M2-GR resists heat, pressure, water and extreme weather conditions.


Application: open gears, chains, cables, wire ropes, 5th wheels, leaf springs, drive chains, screw threads, flexible couplings, and die set leader pins. It can be used on racks and pinions, edges, roller gears, agitator drive and winches. For widespread use in the mining, metallurgical, energy, machine-building, transport, marine and agricultural sectors. Application temperature range: from -40 to 120 (150)°С.



  • Excellent anti-wear performance
  • Exceptional physical and mechanical stability
  • Superb load carrying capacity
  • Water repellent
  • Adhere to the metal surfaces and resist blow-off.
  • Corrosion protection
  • Environmental compliance
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Available Packaging: 180KG, 52KG, 24x500g
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