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Greyhound Lubricants Industrial Range is used in a vast variety of equipment and commercial applications. The range offers lubrication products for hydraulic systems, turbines, compressors, bearings, open and closed gears, machine tool slideways, pneumatic tools and industrial transmissions. Our products offer the best quality lubricants at affordable prices.

Our biggest seller in Greyhound Industrial Range is the hydraulic oils, which are used in the hydraulic controls of building machinery, industrial plants and heavy earth moving equipment. To ensure the best performance and results with our products, our formulations contain anti-wear agents to minimize the wear of the pumps. Our products offer the best quality lubricants at affordable prices.

Our R&D department uses the best base oils to form the best foundation for the lubricants range, which goes up to 95% of product formulation. The remainder of the formulation consists of only up to 5% of additives to achieve desired performance outputs.

These products have to comply with specifications requirements, as well as pass the tribological test which measures interacting surfaces in relative motion in terms of friction, lubrication and wear.

Industrial lubricants are also classified with other products with special applications such as concrete mould oils, transformer oils – insulation oils, heat treatments and heat transfer oils


Greyhound G-BASE: Monograde range is formulated with premium base oils and modern additives to provide outstanding protection to your engine against wear, corrosion, oil oxidation and sludge.

Greyhound G-POWER: Multi-grade range provides additional protection against wear at start-up and under high temperature operating conditions.

Greyhound G-PREMIUM: Semi-synthetic range provide the stronger protection over multi-grade oil range, which helps to minimizes wear on cold start-ups, ensures a long life for all moving parts, substantially reducing the need for engine servicing and overhaul.

GreyhoundG-PRO: Fully synthetic range provide the strongest protection, which minimizes wear on cold start-ups, ensures a long life for all moving parts, substantially reducing the need for engine servicing and overhaul.

  • G-Base: SAE 10W API CF-4
  • G-Base: SAE 30 API CF-4
  • G-Base: SAE 40 API CF-4
  • G-Base: SAE 50 API CF-4
  • G-Power: 20W50 API SF/CD
  • G-Power Plus: 15W40 API SJ/CH-4
  • G-Power Plus: 15W40 API SL/CI-4 E7
  • G-Power Plus: 15W40 API CI-4+ E7
  • G-Premium: 10W40 Semi-Synthetic API SN/CF
  • G-Premium: 10W40 Semi-Synthetic API SL/CI-4
  • G-Pro: 5W30 Fully Synthetic API SL/CF
  • G-Pro: 5W40 Fully Synthetic API SN/CF

Greyhound Industrial range hydraulic oils are specially developed for use in all types of hydraulic systems and equipment. The oils are formulated from selected paraffinic base stocks treated with anti-rust, antioxidant and anti-wear additives.

Due to the great influence of viscosity on the efficiency of hydraulic machinery, the grade chosen should be that recommended by the system designer. Purely as an indication, the lighter grades are generally used in high-speed machinery and in precision equipment, while the heavier grades are used in low-speed machinery with high hydrostatic pressures.

Greyhound hydraulic products are recommended not only for use as hydraulic fluids but also as heavy-duty lubricants for bearings, reduction units, etc., where operating conditions call for special anti-wear characteristics.

The oils are available in a wide range of viscosities to suit all practical requirements

Standard Range:

  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 32
  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 46
  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 68
  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 100

Specialised Range:

  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 32 (Zinc free)
  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 46 (Zinc free)
  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 68 (Zinc free)
  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 100 (Zinc free)
  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 32 (Anti-Wear)
  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 46 (Anti-Wear)
  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 68 (Anti-Wear)
  • Greyhound Hydraulic Oil 100 (Anti-Wear)

Available Packaging

5L bottle SERVICE PACK™ • 20L pail BULK PACK™ 210L drum INDUSTRIAL PACK™ • 1000L Flow bin COMMERCIAL PACK™

Greyhound Industrial Gear oils are recommended for splash or circulation lubrication of all types of enclosed gears, especially where operating conditions involve heavy loads, high speeds and high relative sliding velocities, at elevated ambient and operating temperatures. The oils can also be used to lubricate other heavily loaded parts and components such as couplings, transmission screws and low-speed plain bearings. As indicated, they can be used, too, in oil-mist lubrication systems. The oils are available in a wide range of viscosities to suit all practical requirements.

  • Greyhound Industrial Gear Oil 68
  • Greyhound Industrial Gear Oil 100
  • Greyhound Industrial Gear Oil 150
  • Greyhound Industrial Gear Oil 220
  • Greyhound Industrial Gear Oil 320
  • Greyhound Industrial Gear Oil 460
  • Greyhound Industrial Gear Oil 680

Greyhound™ G-Clean™ range is a water-based detergent with an advanced formulation to lift and clean severe dirt. Our products are non-volatile, non-flammable, non-corrosive and don’t contain solvents. G-Clean™: HDC, Bio-HDC and GPD are effectively replacing chemical solvents and thus eliminates the problems arising from their use.

  • G-Clean HDC (Heavy Duty Cleaner)
  • G-Clean Bio-HDC (Biodegradable Heavy Duty Cleaner)
  • G-Clean GPD (General Purpose Degreaser)
  • G-Clean, Rags Grade A, Multicolour, 5kg

Greyhound™ greases are used for lubricating and protecting mechanical machinery as an alternative where liquid lubricants cannot be applied, especially with space or dripping constraints of oil. The product is often used in the manufacturing industry, the automotive industry is used to lubricate a component to decrease friction and prolong the life of moving components like bearings, suspensions parts and any other areas.

Choosing the correct product is highly complex and is best taken with the help of expert technical advice since there are many factors that can influence the way products function and effect machinery lubricated with grease. Greyhound™ offers a wide range of products that can satisfy the needs of both the industrial and automotive sectors. All our greases are manufactured in Europe at ISO certified plants and meet the highest international standards.

  • Greyhound Grease Li EP000 (Multi-purpose/centralised systems)
  • Greyhound Grease Li EP00 (Multi-purpose/centralised systems)
  • Greyhound Grease Li EP0 (Multi-purpose/centralised systems)
  • Greyhound Grease Li EP1 (Multi-purpose/centralised systems)
  • Greyhound Grease Li EP2 (Multi-purpose)
  • Greyhound Grease Li EP3 (Multi-purpose)
  • Greyhound Grease Li-M2 EP2 (CV Joints)
  • Greyhound Grease Li-CX EP2 (Wheel Bearings)
  • Greyhound Grease Li-CX 220 Synthetic EP2 (Wheel Bearings)
  • Greyhound Grease Li-GR EP2 (Ring Gear / External use / Marine)
  • Greyhound Grease CS-CX 300 EP1 (Boom/Cranes/External use / Marine / Centralised systems)
  • Greyhound Grease CS-CX 300 EP2 (Boom/Cranes/ External use / Marine)
  • Greyhound Grease Therm 300 EP1/EP2 (High Temp up to 300°C)
  • Greyhound Grease Therm 400 Synthetic EP1/EP2 (High Temp up to 400°C)

Greyhound Lubricants team identified that the metalworking sector is known for its continuous advancement of the production process. The ever-increasing demand for high-quality products requires new materials for tools complimented with mineral, synthetic lubricants and many other chemical products and additives. All these developments have led to faster machines, higher permissible cutting temperatures and faster cutting speeds.

In this sector, there are both generic products, in terms of application, and specific products, designed for specific plants and customers. This is why such products require technical assistance in order to highlight the peculiarities of each individual application and develop the necessary modifications to ensure that the product is able to meet the specific lubrication requirements.

Greyhound Lubricants offers an exhaustive range of generic and specific products to suit your needs. We can source any product to meet your business’s unique needs by the close partnership between our team and our customers.

Slideways/guideway oil range

  • Greyhound Slideway Oil 68
  • Greyhound Slideway Oil 220

Soluble cutting fluids

  • Greyhound G-Met BioCut S


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