Why Us?

European formulations

Greyhound Lubricants is able to provide clients with the best quality lubricants at an affordable price. Our products are manufactured in Europe at ISO certified plant and meet the highest international standards. The products’ quality is strictly checked by independent internationally recognised labs.

We take ownership

We take strong ownership of our client’s project. Our mentality is not get done and get paid, we want to create value for our clients and grow with them.

We are transparent

Our dev process allows our clients to see and participate in our development works. You can see what tasks are planned, worked, and tested in each step.

We are experienced

We’ve been in the oil industry for over 10 years with our European blending partners make lubricants for over 50 years. This means one, we’ve gained enough experience in the field; and you can count on us to be here for you.

We keep learning and innovating

To learn fast is the surviving skill in this industry. We learn the latest technology in the industry and help our clients to pick the best and innovative solution.

We work hard – “Excellence with Urgency”

We work and think hard. We always try to think one step further for our client, to deliver the best product mix to them on time.

We are cost-effective

Offshore, European production and removing many middlemen to manufacture Greyhound Lubricants allows us to provide cost reduction and superb quality. Our flexible management team will help you save & make more.

Strategic Partnerships

We formed a strategic partnership in Africa, which helps us to deliver tangible and intangible benefits to the door of your business.

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